About Regalia by FAL

Regalia by FAL is a bold and innovative fashion brand that is inspired by the African heritage. Formerly known as Regalia, it was established in 1987 and has built a reputation as one of Nigeria’s fashion leading brand.

The brand has proudly been known for haute couture and bespoke tailoring but has since introduced ready to wear. Because of its distinctive brand image Regalia by FAL has consistently evolved and continues to expand across several products and markets. Some of which are the Regalia handmade dolls, which is a one of kind collectable item and the local adire (tie & dye) fabric, made in Nigeria.

Over the years the brand created fashion trends and reinvented African fashion on a global scale. She continues to create refreshing designs that seek to reinvent African fashion. Regalia by FAL is under the direction of award winning and internationally renowned fashion designer Funmi Ajila Ladipo otherwise known as FAL.